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Intraceuticals oxygen facelift anyone?

(the best skin treatment on the planet anyone?)


It’s a favorite among many A-list celebrities in Hollywood. Madonna, Eva
Longoria, Heather Locklear, Justin Timberlake, and Mark Wahlberg are a few who consider this
treatment an essential in getting red carpet ready! Re-hydrated, plumped up skin in less than an
hour has garnered some of Hollywood’s most famous & beautiful devotees – you will love it too!

helpful hint: Esthetiques Skin Spa is the ONLY spa in Memphis where Intraceuticals treatments and products are sold! Now, choose a treatment and come try it out… we can’t wait to help you look your best!

The Rejuvenation Oxygen Infusion Treatment
This unique skincare treatment simultaneously infuses moisture, vitamins and anti-oxidants into the
skin via cooling, calming topical hyperbaric oxygen resulting in luminous, unparalleled hydration
and visible, age defying results. Your skin will instantly feel rejuvenated with improved firmness and
a noticeable lift.

$125 (allow 45 min.)

The Rejuvenate and Atoxolene Infusion Treatment
All the results of the Rejuvenation Infusion with the addition of the Atoxelene Infusion – a natural
amino peptide complex clinically proven to smooth the dermis and significantly diminish the
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – Designed to refine the forehead, soften eye contour and
immediately plump and smooth the lips. Instant line smoothing and firming!

$175 includes free peel (allow 60 min.)

The Atoxolene Eye and Lip Oxygen Infusion
Focus on eyes and lips-
–the Intraceuticals Atoxelene Infusion dramatically smoothes, tightens and firms the eye contour;
immediately plumping and softening lips.

$60 (allow 20 min.)

The Opulence Oxygen Infusion
The Opulence Infusion combines botanical brighteners and super concentrated Vitamin C to safely
and naturally treat the cause of uneven skin tone while revealing newfound luminosity and radiance.
Every skin tone is notably improved after just one treatment and the benefits continue to accumulate
after a series of treatments.

$125 (allow 45 min.)

The Intraceuticals Ultimate Infusion (Madonna’s favorite)

All the benefits of the Rejuvenation Infusion with the addition of Opulence and Atoxelene a radiance
revealing combination of botanical skin brighteners and super concentrated Vitamin C. The Ultimate
Infusion safely and naturally treats the cause of uneven skin tone while dramatically brightening the
skin for a luminous clarifying effect. This treatment also targets the delicate neck and décolleté.

$225 includes free peel (allow 80-90 min.)

The Intraceuticals Infusion Series
The results of the Intraceuticals Infusion Treatments are accumulative and continue to improve with
repeated application. A course of six applications over six weeks is recommended to achieve optimum
results. Following this and to maintain results, applications will only be required every four to six







ULTIMATE INFUSION SERIES (includes three free peels)


Add a glycolic peel or microdermabrasion to any infusion for $50

introducing intraceuticals boosters + infusions

(the boosters + infusions can be added to any existing treatments or substituted for an existing treatment)

$50 extra to add to an existing intraceuticals infusion

or $125 per boosters + infusion

boosters +

Collagen Booster (Restore, Tighten, Volume)

Vitamin A+ Booster (Regenerate, Clarify, Refine)

Antioxidant Booster (Detox, Revitalise, Balance)

Vitamin C+3 Booster (Smooth, Brighten, Strengthen)