Give Your Skin a Breath of Fresh Air

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I recently completed a series of Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials, a non-invasive oxygen facelift that targets the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and enhances overall hydration. Esthetiques Skin Spa calls the Intraceuticals series of facials the “best skin treatment on the planet.” The girls at Esthetiques have never led me astray, so I tried it.

The Series

Once a week for six weeks, which is the recommended schedule, I enjoyed a 45-minute Intraceuticals facial. My aestheticians, Kate and Brittney, asked me to select at least one specific serum for my treatment. I chose themoisture-rejuvenate serum. The main step of each cooling, calming facial was the meticulous application (line by line!) of oxygen under light pressure to aid in delivery of my customized age-defying ingredients.

When I was a few weeks into the treatment—they say your third facial is the “wow” treatment—I did think that the texture and appearance of my skin were significantly improved. The treatments left me with a healthy glow each time, enough so that friends and family members did notice (without my pointing it out!)

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Written by brandi. Posted in Service Spotlight

Hydrating Techniques Keep Winter Skin Fresh

Your Skin Needs a Drink of Water!

Text by By Catherine (Kitty) Taylor 


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Recent 40-degree weather temperatures might leave you concerned about taking good care of your skin as  as winter is upon us. With good reason! I am sure I am not the only one who experiences tight, uncomfortable skin on my hands, cheeks and arms once the cold outdoor air and the dry indoor heat launch their winter attacks. And let’s not even talk about how all hint of color and glow on my already-fair skin heads into hibernation for the season.

Help is on the way! The bottom line for soothing winter skin? Hydration.