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Hydrating Techniques Keep Winter Skin Fresh

Your Skin Needs a Drink of Water!

Text by By Catherine (Kitty) Taylor 


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Recent 40-degree weather temperatures might leave you concerned about taking good care of your skin as  as winter is upon us. With good reason! I am sure I am not the only one who experiences tight, uncomfortable skin on my hands, cheeks and arms once the cold outdoor air and the dry indoor heat launch their winter attacks. And let’s not even talk about how all hint of color and glow on my already-fair skin heads into hibernation for the season.

Help is on the way! The bottom line for soothing winter skin? Hydration.

Brandi Hardin, owner of Esthetiques Skin Spa has been treating Mid-South skin challenges for 14 years. Step one is proper exfoliation, advises Hardin. “Exfoliate with a mild exfoliator two times a month on your face and lips. Always follow with a moisturizer after exfoliating.”

Step two, according to Esthetiques esthetician Rebekah Marrow, is to keep skin protected from the sun’s harmful rays, even when the temps are not as hot and the days become shorter. “Sunscreen is not only important for summer; it matters year-round,” Marrow explains. “Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to the face and hands 30 minutes before going outside.” You will be glad for the added moisture a good sunscreen adds to the skin while also blocking cancer- and wrinkle-causing rays.

Step three? It’s simple, insists Esthetiques associate Kate Umsted. “Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Seal in all the moisture you can!”

Proper hydration creates the perfect palette for adding a touch of color.The next trick in winter skin maintenance is to re-create the summer gleam that you would typically experience in warmer months. “Spray tanning isn’t just for summer! A sun-kissed glow will chase away those winter blues,” concludes Brittney Herron, also an Esthetiques associate.

Proper hydration does more than beat winter skincare woes. In fact, it is a must-do all year — especially when you need to look your best.

Fresh face one-half_WREG appearance

Just ask the supermodels who walked the runway for Spring/Summer 2014 Collection fashion shows during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.

Hardin had the unique opportunity to pull backstage duty as a skincare provider for the models who showcased the creations of powerhouse designers Betsey Johnson and Yigal Azrouël at Fashion Week. Hardin, tapped to represent Esthetiques’ elite skincare supplier Intraceuticals, worked behind-the-scenes to prepare models’ faces before they took to the runway.

Intraceuticals Boosters CollectionThe backstage regimen involved the oxygen facial line called “Collagen+ Booster,” part of Intraceuticals’ newest skincare collection. Typically taking 45 minutes to an hour in a spa setting, the Fashion Week treatment was abbreviated to 10 minutes for backstage application just before showtime. The treatment gave models a flawless, fresh look.

Intraceuticals skincare treatments and products are a favorite among celebrities and Mid Southerners alike, and in Memphis, the line is only available at Esthetiques.


“The oxygen treatment is our most popular service at Esthetiques, regardless of season,” explains Hardin. “Our clients love how it creates instantaneous results that actually change their skin with consistent use, whether the trouble is moisture loss, uneven skin tone, aging skin or travel fatigue.”


Rej PF Cream and boxThe Intraceuticals oxygen facial addresses the most challenging skin conditions using a breakthrough delivery system that is the result of research and advancements in chemotherapy treatment for skin cancer patients. Australia-based Intraceuticals invented and holds the patent for the delivery system, which reaches below the dermis to deliver a powerful and hydrating blend of oxygen and serum. The delivery tool is a small hand-held wand that gently massages the skin.


“It feels wonderful,” Memphian Sandra Kinney exclaimed while receiving the “runway treatment” from Hardin during a live demo on WREG’s Live at Nine just days before Fashion Week kicked off in New York.


Other facial treatments use oxygen, but none can penetrate the skin’s surface for immediate, dramatic effects and accumulative, long-term changes in the skin.


As for Hardin, she’s headed back to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in 2014 – twice. In recognition of Esthetiques’ continued exclusive partnership with Intraceuticals, the global company intends to have her return backstage to treat models for both the Fall/Winter 2014 and Sping/Summer 2015 collections.


Esthetiques is open Monday through Saturday in Memphis and Tuesday through Saturday in Oxford. Additional spa services include nourishing body wraps, Endermologie cellulite treatment, Hydroco Thermal Time Capsule, teeth whitening, hair styling, waxing, eyelash extensions and nail care.