Brandi and her husband, Scott

Brandi Hardin

Brandi is that friendly face you will see bobbing in and out of treatment rooms, sharing her skincare expertise with clients and greeting guests as they enter into her charming little spa. Brandi began working here at Esthetiques in 1999 right out of esthetician school. She quickly threw herself into the mix as the new esthetician, and soon after took the opportunity to buy the business and begin her career as a spa owner. Many clients have watched Brandi grow here as a spa owner and as a person, coming back week after week to the comfortable and relaxing environment that she prides herself in creating. She connects very well with her clients, and it is reflected in their loyalty. In addition to an emphasis on client care and a laid-back environment, Brandi is always researching the latest in skin care technology and health making her spa the ideal place to beautify yourself and nurture your face. She is expertly trained in virtually every aspect of skin care and aesthetics, always searching out the most effective treatments and making sure she offers the best possible results. She is also a product wiz, able to look at a person’s skin and recognize just what they need to get that face into shape. In 2008, Brandi opened Esthetiques Skin Spa2, a sister spa in Oxford, MS, bringing her style of pampering to the thriving community. Brandi’s commitment to her spas and her clients is what has built, maintained, and grown her business year after year, and the proof is in her clients’ skin and the smile on their face when they look in the mirror.

In september 2013, Brandi was chosen by Intraceuticals (an austrailian based skin care company) to pull backstage duty at Mercedes- Benz fashion week in New York City, administering oxygen infusions to models before walking the runway! her 1st stop was the s/s collection of Yigal Azrouel (an amazing Israeli designer with sleek and sophisticated styles) and then on to the ever so fabulous Betsey Johnson show to treat her models who are fun and whimsical just like her designs! What an amazing experience and it all came right back into our Esthetiques doors!
Today, Brandi has closed her doors in Oxford, MS after 5 wonderful years and is now just concentrating on perfecting and expanding her Memphis based business and being a new mom to her precious daughter! How sweet is that?

Louise Lamb

Louise began her esthetiques journey behind our tan room curtains. She knew right away that this was her happy place. A place she could come to relax, have a little fun and get beautified before exiting back into the real world. We all knew Louise as “the twins mom”. Her twins are precious and she’s always so cool and collected.. how could she be so blessed? well, she has 2 very independently working hands.. she could cook with one hand and clean with the other all at the same time. During our 1st interview I witnessed her texting a phone number and writing down an address a the same time. “Yes, this is the one!” she’s here! she made it into my  life at the perfect time…I will teach her so much and she will master it all. It will be like having 2 estheticians in 1. Atleast, that was how I was seeing it. Today, Louise has completed all of her training and has dedicated her time here at esthetiques to transform women’s perception of themselves. If everyone could see the beauty in themselves that we bring to the surface.. the entire world would be a happier and prettier place! we can’t wait for you to meet Louise and experience her magical independently working hands. She may just transform your skin with one hand and whiten your teeth with the other. Talk about getting it all done on a lunch break…this is your girl!

Greer Saller

Greer was highly recommended by a close friend as she would certainly fit the profile of what Esthetiques has been looking for. Greer blew us away upon 1st meeting her and continually impresses us. Greer is ambidextrous, which made my brain go ” she’s a born lash stylist and I can picture her now waving her  intraceuticals wand ( this treatment requires the use of both hands equally). I knew in that moment I truly was seeing stars.. for now, I have 2 estheticians who are ambidextrous, a lefty ( they are usually very crafty),  myself, and my golden girl Lexis who could probably apply lashes with her toes. But, back to Greer…this girl can do anything. She’s

April Ward

April began her career journey here at esthetiques in 2010. April’s sweet and compassionate personality along with her trade secrets gained her a loyal client following rather quickly. In her early days,  April became known as the brazilian waxing queen! She could perform a brazilian at our Oxford location in a matter of about 5 minutes. I still don’t get it, but, that’s ok..because this girl has got it! Today, April is still known as the brazilian waxing queen.  But, also, as  a very talented skin care expert, excellent at recognizing and treating skin concerns. She knows products and treatments like the back of her hand. She is a lefty, therefore, creative with her treatments ( in the world of aesthetics you can get as creative as you want if you are good) and she has mastered this fine art. April is also a ” twins mom”. You have to give these ladies credit.. they are super savvy with their time and multitasking. For esthetiques, this is a perfect fit!

Lexis Herron


Lexis has been with us for quite sometime! Starting out at our Oxford location, while getting her degree at Ole Miss, Lexis followed in her big sister’s footsteps.  However, her big sis got hitched and whisked away to never never land.. somewhere in the foothills of Texas!  But, Lexis needs no introduction, if you’ve ever visited Esthetiques in the past decade or simply read a post or like on fb, we are quite sure you know Lexis by all the rave reviews she gets from social media! Yes, she is very talented and most recognizable as  an eyelash extension superstar! She is a Herron just like her sister and they have serious work ethics, she is extremely dedicated and focused and we are ecstatic that she has chosen Esthetiques as her career home! We can’t wait for you to come in and meet Lexis, she will certainly surprise you with her knowledge and dedication, once you are in her treatment room you are sure to have some funny moments and some serious new beauty! Lexis is a superstar around here for a million reasons, we cant wait for you to experience just a few!

we must recognize the ladies up front who make spray tans magical!